My emotions have ran the gamut with the shooting at the Amish School in Pennsylvania. At first was the shock and horror, and then anger as yet again, girls were the target. And then I felt awe as the Amish embraced the family of the man who had slaughtered their daughters. It is very rare we see Christ in action–even from those of us who say we are part of his body: the church. When I look at the Amish community and see their actions, I see Christ. And I see what it means to be Christ in this world. I catch a glimpse of how the church is to be the body of Christ in this world.

Ben Witherington has an excellent evaluation and response to the Amish love, grace, and forgiveness in Lessons from the Amish—the Power of Pacifism.

God, make me more like the Amish. Make more like Christ. Amen.