I am thinking of renaming the Career Women series. The main reason I want to is that I want to include Mary, Hannah, and the Matriarchs. Now I think being a mother (especially a stay-at-home mom) is a full-time career and then some. So I am fine leaving it with the current title.

I have also thought it would be nice to have more a inclusive and descriptive title. The one I’ve come up with that I like the most is: Biblical Women: Prophets, Evangelists, and Mothers. When I wrote my thesis its primary purpose was to show that single woman had a valid place in leadership positions in the church. Now I would like to expand out to show that women have always been single or wives, mothers, and leaders in the Bible, and that these callings are not mutually exclusive.

I would love to hear your thoughts. I would also love to hear any suggestions you have for a new title for the series. Thanks.