“Full Figured Beauty”


I see beauty
In full curves,
Wide hips,
Full abdomens.
Givers of life
Are rounded and full.
They have room
To conceive,
To nourish,
To protect.
They give birth
To children.
They give birth
To dreams.
They give birth
To new realities.
Lascivious curves,
Full breasts,
Rounded abdomens
Have room
To conceive,
To nurture,
And to birth:
New Life.



More than letters
On a page
More than the
Dictionary says
Order life
Rearrange life
Create life
Bring new worlds
Into being
And birth new
Universes to explore




All appears cold and dead
But through the icy ground,
Through the snow,
A green stem pushes
Its way to the light.
In the frigid sun
It unfurls its
Fiery crimson flower.
All may appear
Frozen and dead,
But appearances
Deceive. As new life
Breaks through frozen soil.


“Candlelight on the Wall”


Candle flickers in the night;
Twisting and dancing
In the shadows.
Wavering, waving,
Tenacious, it keeps aflame.
providing light in the dark,
And a window into the soul

(c)2008 by Shawna R. B. Atteberry