Mother Laura says: We are right in the middle of a move–only twenty minutes away, but we’re still a mix of busy, excited, nervous and surprisingly full of grief about what we’re leaving, for me at least. So this week’s Friday Five asks about your experience of the marvels and madness of moving…

1. How many times have you moved? When was the last time?

I don’t now how many times we move when I was a kid, so I’m going to go with the adult years. I’ve moved six times since 1994. The last time I moved was in ’06 when I married The Hubby. We decided living in the same stat would be a good thing. 🙂 I moved from Kansas City to Chicago.

2. What do you love and hate about moving?

I love the decluttering, and I hate everything else.

3. Do you do it yourself or hire movers?

I wish I had money to hire movers. I’ve always done it myself with help from wonderful, gracious, and did I say wonderful, friends.

4. Advice for surviving and thriving during a move?

A back brace and lots of Bayer Back and Body. Or yeah, and a good set of tennis shoes.

5. Are you in the middle of any inner moves, if not outer ones?

I am moving away from being so negative about myself and seeing myself more as God sees me and in a much more positive light.

Bonus: Share a piece of music/poetry/film/book that expresses something about what moving means to you.

Under the Tuscan Sun. I would so totally buy a villa in Italy on a whim! Or Spain for that matter. And yes, I would still hate moving. 😉

Photo by CBIdesign.