“Daughter of Mary Magdalene”

I want to be a bearer of the gospel.

It doesn’t matter if I bear children.

I want to fulfill my vows to God,

And not have my calling dependent on a man.

As Mary (who had no man) I want to proclaim

I want to shout and shine with love–

The love of a risen Savior

Who has called me as a person in my own right.

I hear the voice of my risen Savior:

“Come follow Me.

Follow Me away from the expectations

Follow Me away from those who limit you

Follow Me into glorious possibilities

Beyond your imagination.

I called you because I wanted you

Not a package deal.

Come, follow Me, and I will be your desire.”

As Mary I come to You

My risen Lord

My risen Lover.

I cast off the images of what I should be

And revel in the truth of who I am:

A bearer of Your good news.

© 2003 by Shawna Renee Bound

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