Sophia said: As the weather cools off into a lovely fall, my son and daughter are rediscovering their joy in cozy footed “pajammies”–though not to sleep in. They love to hang out in the pjs before bed or in the morning, but when it’s time to actually sleep they strip to their skivvies! Good thing they finally have their own rooms, now that they are getting older.

Without going to TMI land, share with us your sleepwear memories and preferences….

1. What was your favorite sleeping attire as a child? And did you call them pjs, pajamas (to rhyme with llamas), pajamas (to sort of rhyme with bananas), jammies, or ???

Mine were nightgowns: cotton in the summer and flannel in the winter. We called them nighties or PJs.

2. Favorite sleepwear put on your own little ones, or perhaps those you babysat? (Bonus points if you made it).

I have no little ones and I don’t remember the last time I babysat. I did make an afghan for my latest niece. Which I still need to mail.

3. How about today-do you prefer nightgown, pajamas, undies, or au naturel?

I prefer nightgowns. If my legs are cold, I throw on some PJ bottoms, but they come off when I go to bed. I can’t stand stuff twisting around my legs when I sleep.

4. Silky smooth or flannel-y cozy?

Both! Silk in the summer and flannel in winter.

5. Socks or bare feet?

Same as above: bare feet in the summer and socks in the winter.