I survived four days of no reading and no computer. I learned that I am The Queen of Procrastination. If I don’t read, I watch TV. If I turn off the TV, I listen to NPR. If I turn off the radio, I take naps. It wasn’t pretty. This makes me very glad that I signed up for Cairene MacDonald’s Project Front Burner class that is designed to get procrastinators like me off my ass and doing something. I think the accountability will be good for me. Have you been putting of something? Have you been working on a project for a long time (like three years), like me? You might want to sign up for Cairene’s class.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to look into that whole accountability thing, if for no other reasons to make me set goals and deadlines for those goals. I’m really, really bad about thinking, “Hey, it’ll happen. Inspiration will strike some time today.” Yes, you’re right. I do know better.