Ronna Detrick

Ronna Detrick created one of my favorite places online: RENEGADEconversations. She provides a safe place for faith, the feminine, and telling your truth. The thing I love about Ronna is that she admits how hard telling your truth is. Everybody always tells you to be yourself and say it like it is, and they make it sound like it’s such an easy thing to do. Of course, for those of us it’s not easy for (i. e. all of us), we wonder what’s wrong with us. Why can’t we be ourselves and tell our truth like everyone else? Ronna has created a space for those of us who call bullshit on the “just be you” people, who say it like it’s as easy as ordering a burger with fries. At RENEGADEconversations we talk about how hard faith, the feminine, and telling the truth is. We talk about how it’s sometimes hard to reconcile these three things in our lives.

In her last two posts Ronna asked two questions: what are you saying no to and what are you saying yes to? Ronna points out that what we say no to is often more telling of who we are and what we value more than what we say yes to. We can’t say yes to everything, or we never get anything done. What we say no to opens up the space we need for the things we really want to say yes to. We have to say no to make room. Here are a few of the nos I came up with:

  • Spending so much time online (particularly on Twitter and Facebook)
  • Watching so much TV
  • Fear
  • Thinking I can’t make money writing
  • Procrastinating

I want to say no to these things, so I can make room in my life for what I really want to do. This is what I want to say yes to:

  • More time writing
  • Finish writing books I’ve started to write
  • Figuring out how to monetize my writing
  • Time with My Hubby
  • Time with friends
  • Yoga and exercise

What about you? What things do you want to say yes to? What are the desires locked deep down in your heart that you want to make room for? In order to make room for your yesses, what nos do you need to say? What boundaries do you need to draw to make room for your desires?

If you have a few minutes, please pay Ronna a visit. I promise you will not be disappointed.

[Here is The SITS Girls 31 Days to Building a Better Blog challenge update: with this post I knocked out Day 23 Call to Action, Day 25 Ask a question and Day 26 Improve a Blog. I’m doing a pretty good job of catching up and keeping up.]