How did she feel as she held the scroll in her hand?

What did she think of the high priest and these other men from the temple who wanted to know if these words were true?

Did Huldah have any idea what she started when she proclaimed that the scroll she held was the word of God? Did she know one day centuries later her proclamation would end in a canon of Scripture?

Did you know that it was a woman who first declared that a piece of writing was the word of God? Did you know it was a woman who started us on our way to having written Scripture?

Huldah is one of the incredible women in the Bible you will get to know in What You Didn’t Learn in Sunday School: Women Who Didn’t Shut Up & Sit Down. You will learn she was a prophet living in Jerusalem. She was respected enough that the king of Judah sent the high priest of the Temple to get advice from her. Did you learn about this incredible woman in Sunday School? Or Bible study? Have you ever heard a sermon about her?

It’s time to bring Huldah out from the shadows along with equally incredible women who populate the pages of our Bible. What You Didn’t Learn in Sunday School is a nine week Bible study that will introduce you to women who didn’t take no for an answer, even from Jesus. From now until March 26 (my birthday!) when you buy What You Didn’t Learn in Sunday School, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card. After purchasing your book at Wifp & Stock Publishers or on Amazon.comemail me ( your order number, and I will throw your name into the hat. The winner will be drawn on March 26. Travel with some extraordinary women through Lent, and find out the powerful and amazing ways God can change the world through a woman just like Huldah, a woman just like you.