The Bible says a woman should be a wife and mother. A woman’s place is in the home. But is this what the Bible says? Yes, women were wives and mothers, but biblical women were also prophets, judges, merchants, and queens. These are the Career Women of the Bible.

(This is part of the current book proposal I am working on, Career Women of the Bible: A Narrative Theology of Women and Their Work.)

Sneak Peaks:

The Apostle to the Apostles: Mary Magdalene

The Woman Who Was Not Deceived: The Elect Lady of 2 John

The following posts are very old drafts as I experimented with how to rewrite my thesis for a general audience. The book itself has come a long way from these first attempts, which are still far too academic, but less scholarly than the thesis.

Does it Really Mean Help “Helpmate”?

The Fall and Women

The 12th Century, B. C. E., Career Woman (Deborah)

Standing Between God and the People (Jael)

Standing Between Life and Death (Miriam)

Standing Between Life and Death, Part 2 (Zipporah and Huldah)

The Samaritan Woman

Sisters in Service (Mary and Martha)

Apostles and Prophets

Teachers, Elders, and Coworkers

Church Overseers, Ministers, and Patrons


Old Women or Female Elders?