Change is a given in life, yet it’s not easy for any of us. So strap on your seat belts and let’s talk about it:

1. Share, if you wish, the biggest change you experienced this past year.

I got married! (See picture.)

2. Talk about a time you changed your mind about something, important or not.

I decided to go decaf this year after years of saying I never would.

3. Bishop John Shelby Spong wrote a controversial book called “Why Christianity Must Change or Die.” Setting aside his ideas–what kind of changes would you like to see in the Church?

Real equality for women and more working for social justice, especially in the unfair social structures in this country that keep so many people “in their place.” For my denomination I would like to see pastors taken care of, and the General Budget guidelines redone, so small churches are not paying in 20% of their income to the General Church.

4. Have you changed your hairstyle/hair color in the last five years? If so, how many times?

My hairstyle gets changed a couple of times a year, and my hair color is always changing because I am easily bored.

5. What WERE they thinking with that New Coke thing?

I don’t like pop, so I wonder what they were thinking with that whole pop thing. 🙂