In Blogging Toward Sunday at Theolog, Debbie Blue looks at Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31. She offers a very different way of seeing God and Wisdom than we are normally used to seeing.

Over at God’s Politics Diane Butler Bass offers some insights she received while watching the Miss Universe Pageant in A Post-Colonial Pageant. Yes, I did say the Miss Universe Pageant.

There are many reasons why Keith Olbermann is one of my TV boyfriends (Jon Stewart being the other), and here is the most recent one: The entire government has failed us on Iraq.  Jesse Jackson Jr., also has a consice and articulate column in The Chicago Sun-Times: Congress has failed our troops.

Lynne Duke has an eye-opening and gut wrenching article on slavery in The Shackles in the Shadows of History (Hat tip to Duane Shank). Here’s the opening paragraph:

In 1619, 12 years after Jamestown’s settlement, two British privateers sailed into the James River with African captives for sale. The Africans had Portuguese names; they apparently knew Christianity, according to John Thornton and Linda Heywood, a husband-and-wife team of Boston University historians. Those first Africans came from the kingdom of Ndongo, now Angola, which had been penetrated by Portuguese missionaries and traders who soon stopped praying with the Africans and started selling them.

What are reading that is making you stop and think? Breaking your heart? Making you see the world in a different way?