Yes, you read my title correctly. Yesterday I found palm trees in Chicago. Lainie and I ate lunch together yesterday, and I decided to walk home from Wacker and Monroe. I was walking past Sears Tower when I noticed the building next door to the south had a huge atrium, so I decided to go investigate. The Birthday Cake building (so called because the top of the building looks like a cake) is the building to the left of the Sears Tower:

As I approached the revolving doors, I saw palm trees on the other side of the glass. I thought no way! There’s no way there are palm trees in there! I went through the revolving doors, and there is a way for there to be palm trees in Chicago. You need a really, big glass atrium. Here’s what I saw when I walked in (this is why you always carry a camera!).

The tables are part of Pazzos at 311, an Italian restaurant. The Hubby and I may have to try it out sometime.

And there’s also a fountain, a magnificent fountain:

That is my new Chicago discovery. I’m glad I went for a walk yesterday.