Company Girl logoI woke up with a massive headache this morning. It has been weaned down to a dull throb by Extra Strength Excedrin. In lieu of actually thinking about my week, I am going to share some links that I discovered earlier this week that I think you will like.

Last Sunday my church had a pet blessing in honor of St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day, and The Chicago Tribune covered the event. The pictures are online here. Victoria and I are in the 4th and 6th pictures all the way to the right: She in her cat carrier and I in my funky cloak. Since you really can’t see her (due to the cat carrier), here’s a picture of us a couple of few years back:

Earlier this week I read a wonderful post a stay-at-at-home mom wrote about the tough decision between working or staying at home that every Mom, including Christian Moms, have to make. She calls herself The Goomba Wrangler, and she wants to see a more balanced discussion between Christians than the extremes of if you stay at home you’re wrong and if you go to work you’re wrong for Christian Mothers. What’s a Mom To Do? is an insightful, heartfelt, and intelligent discussion of the many options the Bible gives us as women, wives, mothers, and career women, and the tough decisions we make in negotiating all of our roles. (I’m not a Mom, but I have had plenty of friends who have made these tough decisions, and I’ve supported them no matter what their decision was. I think this is something the family has to decide for itself, and that there is no one pat answer.)

The Bible Study Connection has a post up about Jacob’s Well with pictures of the well and describing what it was like when Jesus and the Samaritan Woman had their conversation there 2,000 years ago. I always love seeing pictures of the places I read about in the Bible.

And here’s to hoping the dull thudding in my head soon diminishes all together.

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