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Hi, I’m Shawna Atteberry, and I am a writer, researcher and editor. After making the decision that being self-employed and working alone from home were not for me, I am venturing back into the job market, looking for a full-time writing/research/editing position in Chicago.  In previous careers I have researched and written theological books and articles. I have also written novels and edited religious education materials. I have published one book, What You Didn’t Learn in Sunday School: Women Who Didn’t Shut Up & Sit Down, released in February 2013. I am also an ordained minister and did pastoral work for over 10 years. I would like to find a position writing and editing for an organization that is working to make the world a better place.

This site is an archive of my religious writing. I will post new things from time to time, but as religious writing is not my focus right now, those times will probably be few and far between. I do want to say thank you to all of who stumble onto this little blog and take the time to leave a comment or email me. I really appreciate you taking the time to both read my work and respond.

I live in Chicago with my husband Tracy. In my free time I like to take long walks along Lake Michigan and through downtown Chicago, cook for friends, crochet, knit, and read. I am an avid sci-fi/fantasy fan and consume books, TV shows and movies in that genre. I still preach and teach at my local church but am no longer in ordained ministry.

You can Email Me at Shawna@ShawnaAtteberry.com and find me on LinkedIn at Shawna Atteberry and on Facebook at ShawnaAtteberry.


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  1. Hi shawna,

    Maybe being a single woman with a call to ministry is something we can learn about from the Catholics.
    After all, they have single men (priests) and single women (sisters/nuns) who have been doing it for centuries. It seems to fit in their theology as a position of authority and respect and service.

  2. hello shawna,
    You have some awesome information here for women in the Body of Christ, please prayerfully consider putting some of this on YOU TUBE

  3. Hi Shawna,
    I found your about page very articulate! I agree with Selena that I didn’t immediately know what “Godde” was about, so a definition or link would be helpful. That’s cool you belong to EEWC–I loved reading their newsletters, and that also helps me place you in context.

  4. You used a term “Godde” that I had to Google to find out what that meant. Now that I know, I wonder why you didn’t explain it in the context of what you are doing: “I empower women to be the leaders Godde calls them to be at home, work and church by exploring the Divine Feminine and stories of the women in the Bible.”

    I also sense that you are passionate about your work in this area, but somehow that got a little lost for me when I was reading your About Me. For me, this read more like a resume and less like an autobiography—and I was wanting to read an autobiography. I wonder if you could revise this to be clearer, simpler and more impactful/attention-grabbing. I also wonder if the citations of your work, affiliations and experience would work better as a list towards the bottom of the post.

    Hope these comments are helpful.

  5. Thank you Michelle and Kimberly for taking the time to give me feedback. Kimberly, there is nothing wrong with being quietly spiritual. I know several people with your same story. You’re always welcome here.

  6. I like this; you say what you do in such detail that the passion is there and although I’m quietly spiritual, I’m very interesting in reading more of what you like. I also like that you added something about yourself, because it makes you real and human. For me, that’s so important, because I’ve been burned so many times by organized religion that I tend to shy away from these topics; preferring instead to worship in private.

  7. I was after you in the comments today, so I came and checked out your About me page.
    It looks great – very thorough and no question about who you are or what your blog/website is about.
    I think you did it completely and clearly. A+ for that assignment!! 🙂

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