Lydia: Buisness Woman and Home Church Pastor

Every Lent I take part in Lent Madness. Instead of picking basketball teams to win a championship, we pit saints against each other to see who will win The Golden Halo. Today’s match-up includes one of my favorite women in the Bible: Lydia. We set sail from Troas and took a straight course to Samothrace, [...]

My interview with the NotMom Blog

My profile at the Blog has been posted. You can read about my thoughts on being a NotMom, my chosen family, and why women without children weren’t that big of a deal for Jesus or the early church here. Please leave comments and show the other NotMoms some love. I’m very thankful for my [...]

Huldah: Authenticating the Word of God

How did she feel as she held the scroll in her hand? What did she think of the high priest and these other men from the temple who wanted to know if these words were true? Did Huldah have any idea what she started when she proclaimed that the scroll she held was the word [...]


In her article Childfree Adults: Selfish or Selfless, Dr. Ellen Walker references my post Proudly Childfree and Not Apologizing For It in her response to Ross Douthat’s op-ed on the selfishness of childfree people. In response to Douthat’s opinion that childfee people don’t want to commit, she point’s out that parents do not always make [...]

Blast from the Past: The Biblical Family?

This was originally published on 10/12/2006. Abraham had two children with two different women. Isaac and Rachel had two children. Jacob has at least 13 children, 7 of them with Leah. What does the “typical biblical family” look like? It’s hard to tell by the patriarchs. Abraham had a wife and a concubine. Isaac and [...]

DVD Review: Saving Jesus Redux, Home Edition

Saving Jesus Redux, Home Edition Living the Questions, 2010 2 DVDS (12 30 minute sessions) $49.95 How do we tell our world about Jesus in language that 21st century Americans understand? How do we strip off all of the cultural baggage that Jesus Christ has acquired over 1,700 years of Imperialist Christendom and 200 years [...]

Book Review: The Gospel of Mary by Mark M. Mattison

The Gospel of Mary: A Fresh Translation and Holistic Approach By Mark M. Mattison Self-published 2013 $5.42 Paperback $3.99 Kindle With the discovery of both the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library, several early gospels not included in the canon of the New Testament have come to light. In recent years many books [...]

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