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Being a part of history

The excitement and hope were tangible in the air of Grant Park at the Obama rally. When Tracy and I arrived at the rally, Pennsylvania had already went to Obama, and we were waiting for the three biggies: Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. The park was alive with anticipation. Then it happened: Ohio went to Obama and then Virginia. The park erupted in cheers. And minutes later the news we had been praying for and hoping for: Barak Obama was declared the President Elect. The entire field (and I’m sure all of Grant Park and most of Chicago) exploded in cheers, yelling, and clapping. People were jumping up and down and holding on to one another. After I got done jumping up and down, I kissed My Hubby and held on to him. We were a part of history: the largest election turnout ever and the first African-American president. Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., appeared on the jumbotron, and that picture of tears streaming down his face captured the entire night.

I now have hope that our country can go in a different direction. That we will once again make peace instead of war (It’s nice to know that we now have a Christian president that takes The Sermon on the Mount seriously. What would happen if more Christians took The Sermon on the Mount more seriously and literally?). That the tax cuts going to the wealthiest people and corporations at the expense of most Americans will stop. As President-Elect Obama said, it will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but we now have leadership that will help us get our economy back on track and begin to get us out of Bush’s personnel war with Iraq. And oddly enough, I believed what Obama said. I haven’t believed a word that’s come out President Bush’s mouth in over four years. But the Bush reign is over. On January 21 the real work will begin. And yes, President Obama, I will be a part of it.

Here are the pictures I took last night.

Me amongst 65,000 friends


Tracy in a sea of faces

Right after Barak Obama was declared the new president

The Stage

The Field Museum

Reaction the Obama family taking stage

Listening to the President Elect