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Woman of the Week: Mapule Ramashala and living forgiveness

Yes, this week’s Woman of the Week is posted early. I read this story, and I could not wait until Thursday to post it. From The Christian Century (December 2, 2008):

Mapule Ramashala, a black South African, was verbally harassed when she moved into a white suburb. Some youths tried to burn down her house. But after police arrested 12 youths for the crime Ramashala refused to press charges. Instead she met with the parents of the youths, telling them that she assumed they would organize the community to help her rebuild her house. She arranged for the youths who were charged with arson to perform community service. And she met with them periodically to see what was happening in their lives and to check on their progress in school. The community rallied around the task of restoring Ramashala’s house and came to accept her into the community (Religion and Theology, volume 15).

This is what it looks like to be Christ in the world. Mapule Ramashala, I hope to one day meet you.

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