I’m reading Cathleen Falsani’s The God Factor, and there is one commonality that has run through most of the profiles I have read (I’m about halfway through the book). This one commonality is love and forgiveness. Regardless of belief or religion (or “spirituality”) most of the people Falsani interviewed says that God or their view/perception of God is love and forgiveness. Out of the the ones I’ve read so far, I like what John Mahoney has to say about love and forgiveness the best. Mahoney is one of my favorite actors, and few other shows have made me roll with laughter the way that Frasier did. It wasn’t what he said about God’s love and forgiveness that caught my eye. It was his response to that love and obedience in this prayer he says throughout the day: “Dear God, please help me to treat everybody–including myself–with love, respect, and dignity” (p. 134). What a wonderful way to pray “Love your neighbor as yourself.”