Going through a notebook I found this hymn that I copied out of a hymnal at Mount St. Scholastica, a Benedictine monastery, on one my retreats there. It’s a great hymn, and I thought I would share it. And if you ever get a chance to hang out with Benedictine sisters do it: they are very, very cool.

“Sing a New Church” by Delores Dufner, OSB
Tune: “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”

Summoned by the God who made us
Rich in our diversity,
Gathered in the name of Jesus,
Richer still in unity:

Let us bring the gifts that differ
And, in splendid, varied ways,
Sing a new church into being,
One of faith and love and praise

Radiant risen from the water;
Robed in holiness and light,
Male and female in God’s image
Male and female God’s delight:


Trust the goodness of creation;
Trust the Spirit strong within.
Dare to dream the vision promised
Sprung from seed of what has been.


Bring the hopes of every nation;
Bring the art of every race.
Weave a song of peace and justice:
Let it sound through time and space.


Draw together at one table
All the human family;
Shape a circle ever wider
And a people ever free.

(c) 1991 Sisters of St. Benedict. Published by OCP Productions.