Yes, it was time to get out the wipes, claw clippers, brush, and very cool razor that cuts under the top layer of hair. The Hairy Beast was corralled between the two us as I first took off close to a half-pound of hair, dust, and dander with the handy-dandy razor. She tried to escape three times, but The Hubby of the Swift Hands caught her, and she was contained each time. Then it was on to the cat wipes, which help keep the dander down and moisturizes her skin (assuming any of it can get to her skin through the hair that was left). One attempted escape. Hairball contained. Then we moved on to the brush. Yet more hair came off. Then the Hairy Beast’s absolutely favorite part of grooming: clipping her claws. The Hubby has to hold her for this, and I fight her after each nail is clipped. Much wriggling and loud meowing ensued, but we got the job done. We released the Hairy Beast, who then spent the next four hours under the bed. She has come out to eat. The Hubby put down treats for her, and lured her out for some hunting. She has been out once since. But has not come up on the bed. I suspect she will not come up on the bed until after we are in bed, and she is sure all is safe. And although, she is still a Hairy Beast, she’s not near as hairy. Her coat is a glossy black and shines. She looks very, very pretty. I told her this. She gave me the evil eye and went back under the bed. Aaah, cats, you gotta love them.