Sally writes: I am writing in my official capacity of grump!!! No seriously, with the shops and stores around us filling with Christmas gifts and decorations, the holiday season moving up on us quickly for many the time from Thanksgiving onwards will be spent in a headlong rush towards Christmas with hardly a time to breathe…. I am looking at the possibility of finding little gaps in the day or the week to spend in extravagant unbusyness revgal Michelle…(a wonderful phrase coined by fellow So given those little gaps, name 5 things you would do to;

1. to care for your body

Take a long hot bath with lavendar and chamomile oils. To be perfectly honest a good hot bath is a great way to care for body, spirit, mind, put a sparkle in your eye, and put a spring in your step. But I shall choose different answers for the rest of the questions. 🙂

2. to care for your spirit

I have been chanting the Psalms, and I have gotten the basic forms down. I would like to learn more advanced chanting. This means I need to get Chanting the Psalms: A Practical Guide with Instructional CD out and read the next couple of chapters and listen to the chants on the CD. If you want to learn how to chant the Psalms, I highly recommend this book and CD combo.

3. to care for your mind

Read a novel just ’cause. May be I should read The Golden Compass since the movie is coming out. The Hubby brought the books into the marriage. He really likes The Golden Compass, but he says the the rest of the trilogy isn’t as good as it could have been because of Pullman’s “issues” with the Catholic Church. I’ll guess I shall find out. 🙂

4. to bring a sparkle to your eye

Write a poem. I need to write more poetry. I love to write it, but it seems like I never “allow” myself the time. May be it’s time to give myself permission.

5. to place a spring in your step

Go for a walk along the lake.

Enjoy the time to indulge and dream…. and then for a bonus which one on the list are you determined to put into action?

Writing the poem. My goal this weekend is to sit down and write a poem.

As an added note: I agree with Sally. Can we please get past Thanksgiving before radio stations start playing Christmas music 24/7? One station here is already advertising all Christmas all the time. Puh-leaze.