There has been a change in the South Loop Nazarene Church location. The Condo Board did not want the aerobics room to be scheduled every Sunday for who knows how long, so they denied my request to use it. I should have waited until the board voted before I posted. I’m sorry. Instead of meeting in the aerobics room, we will be meeting in my home, which is #1305. If I do not find a worship leader, then instead of a service, we will begin with a Bible study.

South Loop Nazarene Church is a place where you can know God, be a part of a community, and serve the neighborhood. We are a new church that seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus and deepen our faith through worship, tradition, and service. Everyone is welcome whether you consider yourself a Christian or not. We strive to be a safe place where you can ask questions in a loving community.

We will be starting services on January 6, 2008 from 11:00 a.m.–noon at the Burnham Park Plaza Condominiums. We will be worshiping in my home, #1305, . BPP Condos is located at 40 E. 9th St. (9th and Wabash), and the entrance to our building is on 9th. Tell the doorman to call #1305. There are parking lots across the street on Wabash and behind the building across the street on State. If there’s a Bears game, parking will be sparse and expensive. We are two blocks north of the Roosevelt L Station (red, green, and orange lines), and bus routes 29 and 62 run up and down State. Get off at 9th St. and walk a block east.

We are also looking for a worship leader. If you’re interested please contact me.

Let me know what you think. I really, really need a worship leader. If you play guitar and sing, I am interested, please contact me! And please pray for me–especially about the worship leader! Thank you. I appreciate all of your support and prayer.