Singing Owl wrote: Lingering effects of a cold have me watching more television than usual. There appears to be a resurgence of the old daytime staple–the quiz show. Except they are on during prime time, and a great many of them offer the chance of winning one million dollars.

I think it started with Regis Philbin and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” but now we have a half dozen or so.

My husband and I started musing (after watching “Deal or No Deal”) about what we could do with a million dollars. I thought I’d just bring that discussion into the Friday Five this week. It’s simple. What are five things you would want to do with a million dollar deposit in your bank account?

1. Pay off parents’ homes.

2. Invest.

3. Buy larger place where we can take one room, put in floor to ceiling bookcases with the ladders that slide along the bookcases. 🙂

4. Buy books! We’ll have room for them.

5. Travel, travel, and travel.