Songbird writes: We will be at a chaplain’s convention when you all are answering the Friday Five Questions. I’ll look forward to reading your answers next week when I get home. At the moment we are trying to get the car loaded so we can hit the road, so this will be a simple F.F. This running around madly in order to leave has me wondering: what are the five things you simply must have when you are away from home? And why? Any history or goofy things, or stories?

1. A book to read because I don’t go anywhere without something to read.

2. My Bible and a prayer book (normally The Book of Common Prayer).

3. Journal and plenty of pens because I always lose one (or 10).

4. Camera because I never know when I’ll find something cool (see I Found Palm Trees in Chicago).

5.  The Hubby: I’ve traveled alone, but it’s much more fun with somebody else. Plus I have a shoulder to sleep on. 🙂