Hutchison Field in Grant Park. Picture taken by Scott Olsen, Getty Images.

The Obama rally in Grant Park is two blocks from us, and we have tickets. We will be part of the 65,000 people that will be in the part of the park around the stage. But there is a lot of Grant Park, and the city is expecting 1,000,000 people to be in the Grant Park area. Hopefully, we will be celebrating the election of President Barak Obama (to be honest, I don’t think this country can survive another war-mongering, de-regulating, Republican president. Yeah, the markets did really well regulating themselves).

I am more than ready to say good-bye to this:

Goodbye and good riddance. And may the Republicans lose this election by a landslide, so that the true fiscal and social conservatives will take the party back from the religous right wingnuts and the captialist-run-amok wingnuts. I know from this post and previous political posts, it appears I’m a Democrat, but I’m not: I’m an Independent. And I don’t mind voting for Republicans that are not in one of the wingnut groups (same goes for Democrats and their wingnut parts).