Company Girl logo This week was a week of new things for me. Monday Tracy and I went to The Museum of Science and Industry to see the Harry Potter Exhibit before it leaves town later this month. That’s the first time I had been to the museum. While waiting for the movie we saw at the Omniplex we saw the Foucalt Pendulum and Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle. We both come from Midwest farm country, so we thought the Farm Tech section for the kids was hysterical. Aaah city people. 🙂 We have a membership there, and I will be going back.

Yesterday I went to another museum in town I hadn’t been to: The Field Museum. For the time being they are having free admission on Thursdays, so I wandered over yesterday and wandered through. I walked through The Ancient Americans, Travels of the Crow: Journey of an Indian Nation and The Native American Indians section. I have to go back when Pawnee Earth Lodge is open. It’s just open certain times of the day. I also went through Inside Ancient Egypt, and got to walk through a tomb that’s part 5,000 years old and part reconstruction, which was really cool. Then I had a cookie before coming home.

We also decided to become members of The Art Institute, so I’m going to head there next week and see if I can get out of their phenomenal Impressionist wing to see other parts of the Institute.

My other new thing is from my thinking through a question in Jen Louden’s The Life Organizer. One of the questions for this week was “How can I nurture my body so that I am taking care of myself in sync with the season?” I usually do well eating seasonally through the spring and summer because that’s all of my favorites: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, blueberries, peaches, leeks, fresh herbs, etc. I start dwindling off this time of the year, and I figured out that’s because I’m not sure what’s in season and what to do with it. So one of the ways I’m going to nurture my body is start learning what’s seasonal in the Fall and learning how to cook it. When I went shopping today I picked up butternut squash, orange acorn squash, and white acorn squash. This week I will be learning what I can do with them. Although I do know you can make some wonderful soup from butternut squash, which I love.

This weekend will be pretty laid back. I plan on doing some writing tomorrow, church Sunday, Sunday nap and some reading. This afternoon’s plan is to clean house and start getting Halloween stuff out. I’m proud myself: I waited until the end of September this year…..

I hope all of your Company Girls and whoever else stops by has a great weekend. And you can click here to visit other Company Girls to get your weekend started out right.

P. S. I’m sorry I didn’t get around last week. I was just too busy with the sermon. I promise to stop by the Company Girl posts this weekend.