After I posted my new About Me page, two different people wanted to know why I use Godde instead of God and thought a link should be added to explain the term. One of the challenges The SITS Girls Building a Better Blog Challenge is to answer readers’ questions, so I thought this would be a perfect time to post on why I use the word Godde.

Why Godde and not God? Godde is combination of God and Goddess to show that the Divine transcends gender: Godde is neither male nor female and both male and female since Godde created both men and women in the image of Godde. I believe that  Godde is Mother as well as Father. Instead of using the standard Lord that’s used to translate Yahweh in the Hebrew Scriptures, I use Sophia-Yahweh or Sophia. I will lean more towards feminine references to Godde on my blog as masculine references are just about all you hear in church and society to refer to Godde. I use exclusively feminine pronouns for Godde for this reason as well. You’ll be seeing Sophia and Mother a lot on this blog, and I hope it doesn’t offend you. I hope it will help you to see Godde in new ways and start to walk on new paths with this Godde who cries out like a woman in labor to bring forth her people and nurses them at her own breast (Deut. 32:18, Psalm 22:10; 131:2; Isaiah 42:14; 49:15; 66:13).

Thank you Selena and Margaret for the question!

Do you have any questions that I can answer in future blog posts? If I answer your question I will link to your blog (unless you want to be anonymous).