Things I have learned about doing videos:

  1. Don’t use webcam on the laptop: that’s why it’s pixle-ly.
  2. Blow nose before you start, so you don’t sniff every third word.
  3. Make video early in the day because it takes YouTube over four, five, six hours to upload and process a 16 minute video.
  4. It only took 10 minutes to upload a video thisĀ  morning. Record video day before I want to post it, and upload it in the morning.
  5. Remember that the time limit on YouTube is 15 minutes.
  6. From now on I’m using the FlipCam. Better image, and their sofware is much more user-friendly than Windows Movie Maker.

Now onto the promised links:

For a chance to win Jan Richardson’s Garden of Hollows go here and take the survey. Also check out Jan’s wonderful site: The Painted Prayerbook.

Here is the blogpost telling all about the partying going on here during March including a free 30 minute spiritual direction session.