Dear Shawna’s people,

photo © 2010 Courtney Carmody | more info (via: Wylio)
I’m sure you’ve noticed that after all the flurry of giveaways in anticipation of my eminent launch, that Shawna has gotten very quiet. Too quiet. There is a reason for this: she has been sick. Two different kinds of yuck have laid her low the past couple of weeks. She recovered from one only to get sick from a totally different source. She hasn’t been doing much of anything other than lying on the couch watching TV shows that something called a TiVo recorded for her. She’s also done a lot of napping and cuddling with her cat.

And the poor thing has the guilts. You see the original plan was to have me launched back in January. But that didn’t happen. Then her February deadline flew past. And now the March one has come and gone. Now Shawna’s looking at that April 19 launch date while hacking up a lung and knows she can’t make it. She feels guilty, guilty, guilty. Because this is the fourth time she’s given you a date she’s not going to follow up on. Plus she did all of that fun stuff in March to get you ready for my appearance, and now: sick. No brain power to write. No finished me. And the guilts aren’t helping.

So I, Women Who Didn’t Sit Down and Shut Up, decided to take matters into my own hands, and tell you I’ll be ready for you on May 1. This makes me happy because it means that I get to be launched with a bunch of other cool products over at the Customer Love site. We’re having another challenge this month, and I love that I’m getting to take part in it. Now Shawna can sit back this weekend, do some healing, and not have the guilts.

Oh and you Customer Love people that Shawna loves so much, my maker could use a little help in the accountability department. I love her to pieces, but the woman can make procrastination a fine art. She needs a little tough love to get her writing done. Just throwing it out there to you.

Shawna’s people: please send Shawna some healing love and prayers to get over the “crud” she has (that’s what she calls it: The Crud). Also let the control freak know she can’t control getting sick and not getting her work done. Then when she’s all well and better, hold her accountable for getting me done! (Please remind the control freak what a shitty first draft is.)

I am ready to go! I love bouncing around in Shawna’s head, but I know there are so many women out there who need me, and I want to help you! I want to show you that Godde never intended for women to be second-class citizens, wholly subsuming their lives to men. I have powerful, loving things to say to you that I hope will help you, heal you, and empower you to be the woman Godde created you to be. So when Shawna gets back to work, make sure she’s working on me! Because I really, really need to be out in the world, in your hands.

I’m noticing stirring coming from her general direction. Shawna may be coming of out her Nightquil-Mucinex-cough drop induced haze. I’m going to hit send and get this posted before she becomes lucid and finds out what I’m doing.

All my love,

Women Who Didn’t Sit Down and Shut Up