Whoever thought up the cliche “a walk in the park”? What kind of park were they talking about? Had to be different than the parks here. I was hiding behind a tree on the edge of the park. The sun had just gone down behind the trees on the other side in furious shades of red and orange. I really had tried to make it here and through the park before the sun went down. It was trecherous during the day. But now…I swallowed. I needed to use what little light I had and not waste it. Twilight would not last long.

I stayed off the path keeping to the trees. Watching my steps, I kept my breathing low and moved quitely, staying low behind the shrub and bushes between the trees. My ears were alert to any sound. The shadows lengthened as the twilight gave way to night.

I was more than halfway through the park when I heard the chuckles. I took off at a dead run for the trees that marked the western boundary of the park. I ran as hard as I could. I heard running behind me, and the chuckling turned into manical laughter. I told myself not to look and to keep running.

Their footsteps were getting closer. My legs ached and my lungs were burning. I kept running and kept my eyes on the treeline in front of me. The pouding came closer and closer. I was almost there. I ran between two big trees and didn’t stop until I was right under the light at the end of the street. Once there I turned and looked back. There was no one behind me. I stood under the light for a few minutes and caught my breath. When my breathing was back to normal, I finished the walk home.