Songbird says: Our regular poster, Sally, having been oppressed by Blogger today, I bring you a hasty Friday Five on the subject of pudding. If you are not a fan of pudding, then you will feel solidarity with Sally, except that you will be oppressed by pudding instead. 😉

1) First of all, thumbs up? or thumbs down? Do you like pudding?

I love pudding. It is one of my favorite snacks.

2) Instant or cooked? (Does anyone make pudding from scratch?)

I do make pudding from scratch: rice pudding and bread pudding are my two favorites. When I crack open a box, it’s instant.

3) If you had to choose, would you prefer corn pudding or figgy pudding?

Figgy pudding

4) Have you ever finger painted with pudding?

No, but I might have to try it the next time I make pudding.

5) Finally, what is the matter with Mary Jane?

There are raisins in the rice pudding, and she hates raisins.

Bonus: Share a favorite recipe that includes pudding!

Chocolate Cream Pie!