We sang this hymn after communion yesterday. I loved it.

Walk on ahead, Good Shepherd, I know your sweet voice true,
and even through the valley of death I’ll follow you!
Walk on ahead, Good Shepherd, I know you’ll lead me through,
for though I oft’ go straying, I know you’re ever true.

So draw me back, Good Shepherd, I need your rod and staff;
my stubborn selfish trends, Lord, they lead me off the path.
So draw me back, Good Shepherd, to paths of righteousness;
Bring me back to my Shepherd and Guardian of my soul.

Good Shepherd I have heard you – by name you call me out.
Guard me from thieves and robbers, and shield my heart from doubt
The way, the truth and life, yes! My Lord you are the gate
for those who enter in there salvation’s pastures wait.

Walk on ahead, Good Shepherd, lead me to pastures green.
For myriad other voices are not quite what they seem –
I will not trust the stranger whose voice I do not know.
That leads to death; destruction – no there I will not go!

So lead me now, Good Shepherd, and I will follow you.
I’ll live my life in fullness just as you call me to.
May your life and your light shine through me in such a way
that others too may know this: My Shepherd is the Way.
(Brenton Prigge © 2005 New Hymn CCLI # 4494858)