I have joined a new project: The Christian Godde Project as an associate editor. It is a project to translate the New Testament using Divine Feminine language for Godde. I have mentioned before on this blog that I like using both masculine and feminine language for God. Instead of Lord, I use Sophia-Yahweh, and in the place of Father, Father-Mother. Normally I use “God” with the understanding that God carries no gender. Godde is the combination of God and Goddess to grammatically represent both the masculine and feminine characteristics of Godde. Many Christians who do not want to be tied to just male imagery of God are now using “Godde.” I will start using Godde now on this blog to refer to Godde (how redundant is that sentence?).

I am really excited about being on this project. There are two different Bibles which have used gender neutral language for Godde, but none that has taken the step of using feminine language for the Divine. I am looking forward to knowing Godde better as I work on this project and seeing Godde in new ways. Please feel free to join us at the blog (the above link) and our website: The Divine Feminine New Testament. Come see Godde in new ways!