Company Girl logoWow. Can you believe it’s October? This year has just flown by. This is my favorite month. I love Fall, and the wild weather we have. And the weather has been in full cooperation here in Chicago. It’s been chilly, stormy, and that wild wind I simply adore. We had a beautiful thunderstorm last night. I watched lightining dance along the clouds reflected in the lake and listen to the wind howl through the buildings. Most of the Halloween decorations are out too. Halloween is our favorite holiday. This is normally when I’m most creative as well, so I look forward to having a very productive writing month. I think the Fall wind blows my muse around more than normal. Things come, things flow, and I don’t bang my head up against the wall near as much.

This week was not a productive week to say the least. We wound up in the ER Monday night because The Hubby was having some intense GI pain. It turned out to be gastritis, but they kept him overnight for observation to be on the safe side. He was released Tuesday afternoon, and I crashed Wednesday. So tired. My body just did not like all the adrenaline and stress that pumped through it, and it’s having a bit of time recovering and getting back to normal. Of course the first thing it knocked out were what little circadian rythms I have, so my sleeping has been all over the place (figuratively and literally). I’m hoping to get that straightened out this weekend. I’m going to get back in my schedule which means grocery shopping and cleaning today. I’m very tempted to just write, but the house is a mess. How does that happen when your not home for a day and a half? But it is a mess. And I’ve learned this year that I just don’t operate well when the house is messy. And routine is very important in getting the body back to it’s own schedule. So cleaning and shopping it is. I plan to write and work on the book proposal tomorrow.

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