First I just want to say that I did not get orange and black striped thigh-highs yesterday. Because I got black and white striped thigh-highs with a faux lace up back instead! And a cute lace miniskirt to top off the look.

First here are the Bad to the Bone Mary Jane slippers:

Here are the mini skirt and sexy, stripey thigh highs!

And what’s a mini skirt without boots?

The guy to my left is Frank. Normally he wears bunny ears (our ode to Donnie Darko) but he’s dressing up for Halloween.

I only have this to say: Damn! I still look good in a mini skirt and thigh highs! Really glad that I told fear to shut the f*&! up. And I’m wearing this tonight to a play I’m going to see with friends. Huzzah!