Christine Valters at Abbey of the Arts has started her weekly poetry parties back up. Each week she posts a picture, and gives us until Friday to write a poem and link up. On Friday she draws a name to win a fabulous prize (normally one of her books or journals). This week’s theme is Autumn Blessings, and here is the hauntingly beautiful picture with my poem following.


Remember! The wind howls through the canyon of the city:
Remember the roads you traveled,
Who you were,
And who you are.

Remember! the wind whispers through the leaves and along the graves:
Remember where you came from,
Those you come from,
And those who came before.

Remember to honor the saints and your ancestors:
Remember to raise a glass,
Eat with them,
And pray with them.

Remember how the veil thins and briefly you see the unseeable–
Remember the old magic–
The Other World comes close;
Be quiet and listen.

© 2010 by Shawna R. B. Atteberry