Life has been busy. I heard back from the editor on my book proposal, Spiritual Direction 101, and she liked it. She has passed it onto the review board. If they okay it, I will be writing the book. I should know in a couple of weeks. I’m working on finishing the first draft of my novel right now. I have found that mornings are better for writing and moving on to other things in the afternoon. I wrote ten pages this morning at Cafe Mediterra.

I feel that God is calling me to plant a Nazarene church in the Downtown/Loop area. I’ve talked with the District Superintendent, and the district has plans to plant a church here in the next year or two. It will probably be closer to two years, so I will continue to attend Northside and more than likely go on staff there for the time being.

After I finish the first draft of the novel, I would also like to get Career Women of the Bible worked into a book proposal and start looking for an agent. I’ve thought about trying to continue to research freelance markets and write short pieces, but I just don’t want to. It’s so much work, for so little return. If I think of an idea that would work for a publication, I’ll pitch it, but I’d rather spend time on the books. And now it’s time to exercise then get dinner on. I hope everyone has a good week. What are you up to?