On beginning a ministry in the Loop area, I met with a college student who goes to our church. T and I sat down and brainstormed ideas for the college ministry we would like to start. I am going to be contacting Roosevelt University about reserving a room and how we put up flyers to advertise the group. Our tentative start date is October 20. We have decided to focus on homelessness since that is a big issue here and the prophets and Jesus has plenty to say about taking care of the poor and oppressed. I will also be contacting ministries like Pacific Mission Garden to found out about volunteer opportunities for the group.I am also going to start going to different services in this area and setting up times to talk with pastors. I want to see how they are ministering to the people here. I also want to know what they think the felt needs of the area are. I’m also hoping to learn some of the history of the area as well. I will be going to an Eucharist Service at Grace Episcopal Church tomorrow at noon. Sunday I will be attending Willow Creek’s satellite church that meets at Roosevelt’s Auditorium Theater.

The next step I plan on taking is starting a Bible Study that will meet at one of the coffee houses in the area. I will put up flyers at the coffee shops, in my building, and any other community bulletin board I can find. I want to gear the Bible study to what would interest people who live here, which is why I want to know what pastors think people need and are looking for in this area.

On the writing front, I am writing an article for Credo, the Nazarene magazine for teens. If it goes well, I might writing regularly for them. First I have to see if I can actually write the age group. And they gave me a whopper of a topic: A Christian Response to Global Violence. Work on the Career Women of the Bible book proposal has kind of come to a stop with everything going on. I am hoping to get back on track with that later this week.