Here is the very beginning of my potential outline for the Career Women of the Bible book proposal.

1. Introduction

2. In the Beginning
Does It Really Mean “Helpmate”?

The Fall and Women

2. Ministers
The 12th Century, B.C.E. Woman: Deborah

Standing Between Life and Death: Miriam

Standing Between Life and Death: Zipporah and Huldah

The Apostle to the Apostles: Mary Magdalene

Apostles and Prophets

Teachers, Elders, and Coworkers

3. Mothers and More
Rachel and Leah

4. Just a Housewife?
Standing Between God and the People: Jael

The Proverbs 31 Woman
Sisters in Service: Mary and Martha

The Samaritan Woman

5. Off to Work
Priscilla and Lydia

The women who don’t have links, I have not written on yet. I also realize the articles I have written need a lot of rewriting. For those who just found the site, Career Women of the Bible started out as my thesis in seminary. I’ve started to rewrite it, but it still is very scholary and has some ways to go before it has the narrative and story-like quality that I want the finished book to have.

This is just a start, but I think it is a good one. Any advice or opinions? Who did I leave out? Why do you think they should be included? Please let me know. Thanks.